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towable post hole digger
Auger rental

Auger - Towable Post-Hole Digger - Rent Today!


Regular price $150.00 $100.00 / per day Sale

  • Up to 140 RPM 
  • 350 lbs of torque 
  • Towable by just about any vehicle
  • Horse Power: 9
  • 5.70 x 8 pneumatic highway rated tires for easy towing
  • Choice of 3 drilling bits: 2.5", 6", or 12"
  • Includes a spud bar to help maneuver through rocky terrain
  • Free job-site deliveries on order values over $250

Rates: $100 daily / $300 weekly / $900 monthly

 Rates include the drilling bit (2.5", 6", or 12") and spud bar

What can the auger be used for? 

Our towable auger is primarily used for digging deep, even post holes for decks, fences, mailboxes, or other projects which require a lot of digging. The auger can save hours of working with a spade with its 350 pounds of torque.


Additionally, the auger can be used to dig anchor ties, for planting shrubs or flowers, and even mixing materials. 


Available for rent at our Asheville equipment rental location.

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1940 Brevard Road
Arden, NC 28704