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Bobcat Mini Skid Steer With Tracks
Mini Skid Steer Loading A Work ATV With Dirt
Mini Skid Steer With Tracks Moving Materials

Dingo Skid Steer - 25 HP Mini Skid Steer (Dingo), 550 LB SAE - Rent Today!


Regular price $250.00 $175.00 / per day Sale

  • Replace back-breaking manual labor and get your next job done with ease
  • Variety of attachments available including multiple bucket sizes with and without teeth as well as forks. 
  • Horse Power: 25 
  • Rated Operating Capacity (SAE): 550 lb
  • Free job-site deliveries on order values over $250


Rates: $175 daily / $545 weekly / $1375 monthly


What Does A Dingo (Mini Skid Steer) Do? 

A dingo, or mini skid steer, is a powerful machine mostly used for digging and transporting materials or equipment around a job site.

Being such a small machine means the dingo is highly maneuverable. It can easily get in areas that are impossible to reach for other equipment without damaging the landscape. That said, the track loader is rated to carry up to 550 lbs

Because it's a track loader, you'll also see minimal impact when driving over on grass, mulch, and other hardscapes if used correctly. 

What Can a Dingo Dig Through?

Our mini skid steers can dig through just about any type of terrain, even clay. 

Difficult materials such as clay can be moved by the dingo by breaking down the earth using a bucket attachment with teeth.

To do this, the teeth should first be pressed into the hard terrain as deep as they will go, from there the dingo should be rocked from left to right and then front to back. At this point, the dirt should be broken up enough to remove.

Depending on how tough the earth and how deep you need to dig you may need to repeat the process multiple times, but typically you can dig through a layer of clay fairly quickly.

Available for rent at our Asheville equipment rental location.

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